CANINE PARADISE HOTEL consists of luxurious, themed apartment style suites. With Bedroom, Lounge & Private Garden. Your pet is sure to have an amazing peaceful stay, giving you peace of mind, that they are well looked after in comfortable and enjoyable surroundings - WHILST YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY, THEY'RE ON HOLIDAY TOO.

Your dog will not just have luxury to stay in, whether your dog is very active, more mature in age or a "take it easy" kind of dog, there are plenty of activities on hand to choose from. Why not book them in for a swimming session too with Canine Aqua Splash's indoor heated pool.

They will also get to enjoy Ball Games, Hide & Seek, Free running in our Secure Fields or relaxing in their own gardens.

They are sure to have an enjoyable time.







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- 1 DOG

   £ 45.00

- 2 DOGS Sharing

   £ 69.00

- 3 DOGS Sharing

   £ 84.00

Check In & Check Out:

Mon to Sat 9am - 4pm

SUNDAY is Check Out ONLY 2pm - 5pm

Please note, we DO NOT do Check In on a Sunday

We have two options:

Option 1

We provide Arden Grange - Nutrition without compromise pet food  at no extra cost

Option 2

You provide your own dog food prepared in advance with your pets name on it

We do have a freezer!

- Up to date vaccinations

- Pet Insurance

- Registered with a vet

- Payment in advance

- At time of booking, you

   pay a 50% NON-


- Not show any aggression

   to humans

- Bring in one item from

   home for comfort

- Must wear a collar

- No food bowls, we have

   our own

If you would like your dog to have a swim whilst they are in our Hotel. Just follow  the Link to Canine Aqua Splash and make a booking. Just inform us that they have been booked in for a swim and we will be more than happy to take your furry canine for their swim.

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Office & Bookings:           
Monday to Saturday:     11am - 4pm
Sunday:                           Closed (Voicemail)

Check In and Check Out Times:
Monday to Saturday: 9am -5pm
Check Out Only: 2pm - 5pm
Please Note we DO NOT do Check In on a Sunday. Please make sure your dogs are booked in from the Saturday.
Hotel Viewing:                                 
By Appointment Only Due to Covid-19     
Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday:     Between: 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Please note No Viewings on a Sunday:     Closed

0330 333 8776