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CANINE PARADISE HOTEL consists of luxurious, themed apartment style suites. With Bedroom, Lounge & Private Garden. Your pet is sure to have an amazing peaceful stay, giving you peace of mind, that they are well looked after in comfortable and enjoyable surroundings - WHILST YOU'RE ON HOLIDAY, THEY'RE ON HOLIDAY TOO.

Your dog will not just have luxury to stay in, whether your dog is very active, more mature in age or a "take it easy" kind of dog, there are plenty of activities on hand to choose from. 

They will also get to enjoy Ball Games, Hide & Seek, Free running in our Secure Fields or relaxing in their own gardens.

They are sure to have an enjoyable time.





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- 1 DOG

   £ 60.00

- 2 DOGS Sharing

   £ 90.00

- 3 DOGS Sharing

   £ 105.00

Check In & Check Out:

Mon to Sat 9am - 5pm

SUNDAY is Check Out ONLY

9am - 5pm

Please note, we DO NOT do Check In on a Sunday

You provide your own dog food prepared in advance with your pets name on and full instructions.

Each guest get their own storage shelf in the preparation area. 

We do have a freezer!

All feeding information and medical information is written up on the notice board.

Inventory of your pets items are taken on arrival.


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- Up to date vaccinations

- Pet Insurance

- Registered with a vet

- Payment in advance

- At time of booking, you

   pay a 50% NON-


- Not show any aggression

   to humans

- Bring in one item from

   home for comfort

- Must wear a collar

- No food bowls, we have

   our own

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Office & Bookings:           
Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm (Best is to email us)
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays:  Closed (Voicemail)
It is always best to email the office: for hotel availability & Bookings. 
Check In and Check Out Times:
Monday to Saturday & Bank Holiday: 9am -5pm
No Check in and Check out on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day. 
Please note on arrival at our reception, our staff will take your dogs into their Hotel Suites. On day of departure your dogs will be returned to you at reception. 

Check Out Only: 9am - 5pm
Please Note we DO NOT do Check In on a Sunday. Please make sure your dogs are booked in from the Saturday.

Hotel Viewing:                                 
By Appointment Only, please email in for availability   


PHOTOS & SOCIAL MEDIA: Our main priority is taking care of your pets during Doggy Day Care & Hotel Stays. We will try our best to get photos of your pets and put them up on social media when we have time to do so. We can't guarantee photos or videos.

We can't offer for you to have Facetime with your pets either. We have tried this before with the dogs and it actually causes distress.

For the Hotel Stay there is a Hotel mobile number which may be given to you to message us on WhatsApp for any updates while your dog is staying here only. Please take note the Team may respond within 48hrs depending on how busy they are as they are taking care of the dogs during their hotel stay. You may not receive an update for short stays (1 to 3 nights).

We do not send updates via Email and Social Media Emails. You will not receive any updates during short stays.

Injuries and Disease that may occur in the Hotel and Doggy Day Care:

Animals are still animals. No matter how well-trained or disciplined they may be, mishaps can still happen even in the most controlled environment, such as a Doggy Day Care.

Dogs still have that instinct and characteristic that we cannot take away no matter how domesticated they are. Our staff are trained and Pet First Aid Trained. If any such injury occurs we will assess the situation, if we can’t sort the injury out, we will contact the owner and if it is more serious then the duty vet for advice on what to do.

Nipped Ear:

Dogs are meant to be sociable animals and they best learn these skills early in their lives. They play by interacting with each other and by biting lightly.  They would often focus on ears because these parts are an easy and accessible target. By being able to nip at the other dog’s ear, they can also show who is more dominant between them.  Even if it is supposed to be fun we discourage this behaviour, ear injuries can however still happen. A small cut on the ear can result in a lot of blood which may be aggravated due to the dog’s constant head shaking or movement.  

Paw Pads / Nails:

Peeling away of the paw pad is when the thick outer covering is peeled away due to running or skidding. Nails can also tear whilst running and playing with other dogs. Dogs nails can scratch and tear other dogs skin whilst running and playing too. These injuries can occur on almost any surface whether it be grass, astroturf, pavements, ground or lawns. 

Bites, Skin Tears & Hair Rips:

Dogs can turn and bite at any point. A dog may jump, irritate each other. Their instinct is to protect themselves and this may cause nipping or biting that can result in a full on dog fight or a tear of the skin or fur being pulled out. It all depends on the dogs mood that day.

Eye Injury:

Squinting, excessively blinking, and avoiding bright lights are some common tell-tale signs of an eye injury. Another frequent sign is also when a pet’s tear ducts overproduce, much like how it is with a human.   Dogs scratch their eyes to relieve the pain. Nails then can cause scratches in the eye or anywhere on the head and face. Also dogs playing with each other can result in eyes being scratched.

These injuries occur in or around  the eye when small objects or other irritants enter the eye such as dog hair, grass or dirt.  On top of this, abnormal growth of eyelashes and inverting eyelids can also cause injuries.

Pulled Muscles, Ligaments & Broken Bones:

Can happen during play. Dogs run into each other, they chase balls, jump over each other, run into trees and bushes.

Uncastrated Dogs:

When younger dogs get to that prime age of ‘humping’ they may pounce on any dog. They show this motion for dominance too. This could cause upset in them or other dogs and they may turn and bite causing injury to either themselves or to other dogs. This could also incur injury to our staff when getting the uncastrated dog away from the other dogs.

Your dog will be taken out of Doggy Day Care and put into one of the Hotel Rooms. We will inform you on arrival to fetch your dog. (When reaching 12 months of age all dogs need be be castrated)

Kennel Cough:

Kennel cough is an airway infection that causes a nasty cough in dogs. Call your vet for advice if you think your dog has kennel cough. Most dogs improve on their own, but some need treatment from a vet. Dogs with kennel cough should be kept away from other dogs and public spaces.

The best way to prevent kennel cough is to vaccinate against it, especially if your dog mixes with lots of other dogs.

Kennel cough vaccine lasts 12 months - so should be repeated every year.

Like any vaccine, the kennel cough vaccine doesn’t give 100%, guaranteed protection, however, it does significantly reduce the chance that your dog will catch kennel cough and reduces symptoms if they do catch it.

Vomiting and Diarrhoea:

A Dog can Vomit or have Diarrhoea for many different reasons like changes to their environment, sharing water bowls,  changes in their diet, even pick up parasites from the ground, grass, parks, rivers, other dogs, insects, change in weather can also affect.

Weight Loss:

Dogs can lose weight due to stress, change of environment, change of diet or if they are attending Day Care with running around and playing with their friends more than they would at home, they may lose weight. If we notice your dog is losing weight, we will up their meals. Please provide extra food during their stay.

If you are concerned about your dogs health, you should contact your vet for advice.

Claire Carrick, Canine Paradise (Pet Ventures DDC Elstree) Licence Number: HBC-CDKDC-001-3

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