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Tel: 0330 333 8776

Day Care to be booked online
For the Hotel:

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Office & Bookings:

Monday to Friday:        10am - 4pm (best to email in)
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday: Closed (Voicemail)
It is always best to email the office: for hotel availability. 
Check In and Check Out Times:
Monday to Saturday & Bank Holiday: 9am -5pm.
No Check in and Check out on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day. 
Please note on arrival at our reception, our staff will take your dogs into their Hotel Suites.
On day of departure your dogs will be returned to you at reception. 

Please note when dogs are dropped off for their stay, we do not allow viewings, this can be arranged by appointment only prior to their stay.
Check Out Only: 2pm - 5pm
Please Note we DO NOT do Check In on a Sunday. Please make sure your dogs are booked in from the Saturday.
Hotel Viewing:                                 
By Appointment Only  - email for availability    
Please note we charge per day for our hotel suites not per hour and not per night.

DOGGY DAY CARE: (Monday to Friday)

Office & Enquiries:   
Monday to Friday:        10am - 4pm (Best to email in)
Saturday & Sunday:      Closed (Voicemail)
Day Care Viewing:                       
By Appointment Only  - Email the office

Our main priority is taking care of your pets during Doggy Day Care & Hotel Stays.
We will try our best to get photos of your pets and put them up on social media when we have time to do so. We can't guarantee photos or videos.
We can't offer for you to have Facetime with your pets either. We have tried this before with the dogs and it actually causes distress.
For the Hotel Stay there is a Hotel mobile number which may be given to you to message us on WhatsApp for any updates while your dog is staying here only. Please take note they may respond within 48hrs depending on how busy they are as they are taking care of the dogs during their hotel stay.
We do not send updates via Email and Social Media Emails.
You will not receive any updates during short stays.


Claire Carrick, Canine Paradise (Pet Ventures DDC Elstree) Licence Number: HBC-CDKDC-001-3

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