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We all know that it takes a great team to build a business. We certainly can’t do everything on our own and with a great team around us it also allows the business to run well and for us to go on those all important family holidays. It is a 24 / 7 business with the Hotel and Day Care.  We have cover for all hours of the day.  


ANDREW (AKA: Husband to Claire)

Operations Director

Andrew helps run the business with me, he is more than just the Operations Director. Whenever and wherever he is needed, he is there. He is great with humans and animals too. 



Operations Manager

Lisa is not just my identical twin sister, she is also our Operations Manager. She knows how we think, and how we like the business to function.

Lisa is responsible for all Bookings, Social Media and Accounts. She will likely be your first point of contact when you email us.

She works remotely and comes in one week a month and of course for that very important personal time with her favourite sister!



We have various Team Leaders and Dog Handlers that do an amazing job looking after our clients pets. From front of house, behind the scenes, after hours and weekend staff. Look out for our open days, when you get a chance to meet the team that makes this business function. We will advertise these open days on our social media platforms.



(Through the eyes of Lisa my Twin)

My Twin Claire and I were born in Africa to a British father and a Zimbabwean mother.  You will also see our parents around as they love to just help wherever they can. Whilst growing up with different varieties of pets from dogs, cats, birds, rats, tortoises and even a monkey, she clearly had a deep love for animals and adventure. When she was not exploring the outback of Africa, you would find her climbing trees. Not to mention the time she was chased by a Warthog & a Wild Donkey!

​Andrew was born in England to Yorkshire parents.  His father pursued business opportunities in construction in South Africa and moved his family there. Having grown up in Africa, Andrew also loves animals and had his own dogs and other furry creatures as pets. On occasion he would venture out into the wilderness adventures followed close behind him by his dogs.

​Claire met Andrew at her brothers 21st birthday party and it was love at first sight. They got married in 1998. Andrew was offered a job in England. Amazingly enough, they have kind of returned to their roots, and England has been home ever since.

​In 2005, Claire became a dog walker and loved the ‘Outdoor Office Space’. A couple of years later, Andrew wanted a change from his IT and Business Corporate background and joined Claire walking dogs.

As their family was about to welcome their first born, a beautiful daughter, Emmalee into the world, they launched Doggy Day Care in 2010 in Chiswell Green.  Their son, Seth, then arrived a couple of years later. Their children love growing up on the farm and they have four of their own dogs and four cats. Just like their parents they love exploring not quite the outback’s of Africa, but the beautiful countryside of England.

​In 2014 they moved to their current site, Fieldgrove Farm, where they have brought a derelict, run down place back to life and put love back into the building and converted the ice-cold prison looking kennels into a beautiful Five Star Luxury Dog Hotel Suites. With lots of care and thought, also put into the Doggy Day Care spaces.

​With a great team around them, their dreams of Canine Paradise are kept alive and well. Keeping their furry friends happy!


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