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Claire was born in Africa to a British father and a Zimbabwean mother.  Whilst growing up with different varieties of pets from dogs, cats, birds, rats, tortoises and even a monkey, she clearly had a deep love for animals and adventure.

Andrew was born in England to Yorkshire parents.  His father pursued business opportunities in construction in South Africa  and moved his family there. Having grown up in Africa, Andrew also loves animals and had his own dogs and other furry creatures as pets.

Claire met Andrew at her brothers 21st birthday party and it was love at first sight. They got married and Andrew was offered a job in England. Amazingly enough, they have kind of returned to their roots, and England has been home ever since.

In 2005, Claire became a dog walker and loved the ‘Outdoor Office Space’. A couple of years later, Andrew wanted a change from his IT and Business Corporate background and joined Claire walking dogs.

As their family was about to welcome their firstborn, a beautiful daughter, Emmalee into the world, they launched Doggy Day Care in 2010 in Chiswell Green.  Their son, Seth, then arrived in 2012.

In 2014 they moved to their current site, Fieldgrove Farm, where they have brought a derelict, run down place back to life and put love back into the building and converted the ice-cold prison looking kennels into a beautiful Five Star Luxury Dog Hotel Suites as every furry friend deserves.

Andrew then launched Canine Aqua Splash. 


Their children love growing up on the farm and they have five of their own dogs and two cats. Their dogs are Rosebud, Harvey, Jake, Sasha and Darcie who you will see on their online advertising and posts. Andrew and Claire have a good laugh, as their daughter Emmalee says she is definitely part dog and must have dog DNA in her system.

Over the years they have had their ups and downs, with health scares, loss and business issues, however, having been through a lot, their love of animals still remains. 

Due to Covid-19 hitting we have now put measures in place to make the site Covid-19 safe.