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Canine Behaviour Training

Canine behaviour training watford, elstree


At CANINE PARADISE, we are passionate about giving you the best chance to have a fulfilling, balanced relationship with your dog, so we take the time to find out what pets and their owners need in a professional manner.


Our behavior and training department is headed up by Oliver Seymour. Cesar Millan is one of Oliver’s idols and he had the chance in November to go out to Miami, to the dog psychology Centre and train with Cesar Millan himself and all of his trainers (see picture above), completing the fundamentals 1 of dog behavior and training course. He is also studying towards his level 4 advanced accredited canine behavior diploma, to give him even more knowledge to help owners and their pets.


  What we offer:

 1 TO 1 Behavior and Owner Training.


If you have an unwanted behaviour from aggression to pulling on the leash our behaviourist can help you.

We offer 1 to 1 sessions where Oliver will come to your home to work with you and your dog.


1st session: 2+ hours £110

Additional sessions    £ 90


The time length of these sessions does vary depending on the circumstances, they may go over but it doesn’t cost any extra. As we know dogs are living things and you can’t rush a dog when getting over a bad behavior, but they are also very responsive when given some direction from a calm assertive energy, so time to us time isn’t a factor in the dog world and it will take them as long or as quick as they need.


 30 Minute taster sessions


In addition to the above options, you can book a "get to know the behaiourist" session at our center for £30 for half an hour during which you can ask questions about issues you are facing and gain a better understanding of what will be required of you and your dog during the training.


Board and Rehabilitation program.


More severe cases will take a bit longer and sometimes require the dog to stay at our Centre so we can rehabilitate the dog to a point of balance and then bring it back home to you We then teach the owner how to manage their pet in everyday life. We involve the owner in every aspect the dog’s rehabilitation. Board and train programs include everything for your dog; hotel room, food, training, exercise and a follow up session. Any sessions required after the program has ended are only £90 for a 2+ hour session.


Up to 14 days::   £140 per day

Additional days:: £115 per day


Message from Oliver:

The root to my success is the owners being committed enough to carry on from what I taught them, if they let it slip, the dog will go back to its old ways and then your back to square one. So I need 110% from every client I meet for me and the owner to be successful and bring these wonderful creatures to a state of balance and peace, and have a deep, connected relationship you should have with your loyal companion’. 


What our customers say


I had recently bought a beautiful black Labrador, 2 years old and it had never been trained to walk on a lead. He had also attacked various dogs as I was trying to train him on the lead.
I asked  Oliver to help me with him.  
After assessing Lenny we made an appointment for a 2 hr session with Oliver. and within minutes Oliver had Lenny walking at his side perfectly. Then I was shown how to walk Lenny correctly. Oliver showed the problem was with me not the dog. As with the problem of attacking other dogs,this was also down to my fault.
I was introducing the dogs in the wrong way. Oliver showed me how to allow the dogs to introduce themselves. Oliver not only showed me how to correct Lennys behaviour ,but how to change my attitude (energy) towards Lenny,to get the correct actions.I found this also showed me a fault in myself,which I am now trying to correct.
I have been incredibly impressed with Oliver's knowledge and ability. He knew what the problems were and put them right whilst showing my faults as causing the problems in the first place. This could be tricky to put to a worried dog owner without causing frictions between them,but Oliver handled it professionally and we got on extremely well. I know I can phone Oliver for any advice on Lenny.
Thanks for all your help

Viewing CANINE PARADISE Centre is always welcome.

Please give us a call and we can arrange a viewing for you prior to your booking.


0330 333 8776